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The positive impact of using CBT therapy within educational settings.

James has worked as a mental health nurse/ lecturer and a CBT therapist, with over a decade of experience, specialises in delivering customized CBT and trauma-informed therapy tailored specifically for children and adolescents.

By introducing psychotherapy training, mental health for children and adolescents could be greatly transformed.

With over a decade of experience as a mental health nurse, lecturer, and CBT therapist, James Callaghan has dedicated his career to enhancing the mental well-being of children and adolescents. Specialising in delivering customised Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and trauma-informed therapy tailored specifically for young individuals, James has worked closely with those facing various challenges, including anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, trauma, mood disorders and school refusal.

In 2020, James establishing Capital Psychotherapy (www.capitalpsychotherapy.ie), a dedicated psychotherapy service committed to providing tailored support for young individuals with mental health struggles. Through his collaborative approach with both young people, parents, teachers and CAMHS, James facilitated successful reintegration into school life and helped overcome mental health obstacles within the educational environment.

Driven by a profound realization of the potential impact of psychotherapy training, James founded Minds in Schools. This innovative initiative aims to introduce psychotherapy skills to educators and parents, recognizing the transformative power it holds for children and adolescents’ mental health. By incorporating CBT therapy within educational settings, Minds in Schools seeks to reduce instances of school refusal and foster a more positive and effective learning experience

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Psychotherapy training programme for parents

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Psychotherapy training programme for primary & secondary teachers

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Organizational Psychotherapy Consultation for Schools